Hiking Adventure from Tallinn to Lisbon!

Latvia in short


Days: 37 (incl. 5 in Rīga)
Km: 585

Paid accommodation: 32 nights
Free accommodation: 5 nights

Best food: Midsummer Dinner
Best drink: Užavas Nefiltrētais

Favorite word: sveiki
Favorite place: Rīga
Latvia in one word: Beach

During our time in Latvia, hiking started to become our daily routine. At the same time that we were getting better physical condition for our trip, we also experienced the first symptoms of fatigue causd by the continuous effort. Therefore we included longer breaks, like the one in Rīga and another one over Midsummer. We were planning less in advance, allowing us to hike as much or as little as we felt like on a day. We rarely had problems finding a place to sleep or to eat.
Our impression of Latvia was of a quite lively country with a deep connection to its culture and history. As we spent most of the time at the beach, we saw a huge variety of birds, but rarely any other animals – only their footprints in the sand. We had a lot of positive encounters with people in Latvia, and often were able to have good conversations, as many people speak English well. It has been a great pleasure hiking in this beautiful country!

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