Hiking Adventure from Tallinn to Lisbon!

Netherlands in Short


Days: 33 (6 rest days)
Km: 681

Paid accommodation: 28 nights
Free accommodation: 5 nights

Best food: Gehaktballen (the best meatball of the Netherlands in a B&B in Holwerd)
Best drink: Champagne (on Moiken’s birthday)

Favorite word: lekker 
Favorite place: Haarlem
Netherlands in one word: Dikes

More than just flat trails on and along dikes, our hike in the Netherlands went through hilly dune landscapes, some of them remotely ressembling African savannas, beautiful old towns with their romantic channels, and over impressive dams. Walking over the Afsluitdijk was a very special experience, of which we still keep good memories. Finally, we were close to the sea again, and had some opportunities to walk on long sand beaches.

Autumn was in full swing while we were in the Netherlands, with a lot of fog, strong wind, and cold and cloudy days; but the sun appeared often enough to warm us up and cast light on the amazing scenery. People we met on the way were very helpful and friendly, and communication was no problem, as nearly everybody speaks excellent English.

One of the highlights was the support of the Dutch hiking association, with one of their directors joining us for a day of hiking and giving us lots of ideas to come back and explore more of the Dutch hiking trails.

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Hotel de Steenen Man: 53.111794, 5.392485
Het Huis van d Wadden: 52.935731, 5.030793
Pension Van Ewijcksluis: 52.881918, 4.879603
Sleep Inn Callantsoog: 52.834761, 4.700713
Pension Stormvogel: 52.661197, 4.630040
Martine: 52.487612, 4.660435
Wijk aan Zee: 52.493798, 4.593504
Ferry Velsen-Noord: 52.465994, 4.632626
Velsen-Zuid: 52.462433, 4.632059
Die Raeckse: 52.382276, 4.629900
BnB Mol: 52.206065, 4.395993
De Zilk: 52.301413, 4.540335
Amsterdam: 52.371011, 4.900117
Easy Hotel: 52.082534, 4.309151
Duinzicht: 52.115904, 4.288216
Monster: 52.038826, 4.190370
B&B Merope: 51.980587, 4.137734
Maassluis Ferry: 51.915029, 4.249274
Rozenburg: 51.911415, 4.243166
De Zalm: 51.902547, 4.165149
De Gouden Leeuw: 51.818346, 3.977771
Ressort Land Zee: 51.738117, 3.818007
Ter Duin Hotel: 51.683471, 3.721524
Neeltje Jans: 51.639334, 3.711961
Duinlust: 51.565578, 3.498151
B&B de Muynck: 51.450557, 3.579351
Pension Hof van Sluis: 51.306974, 3.389665
Vlissingen: 51.444192, 3.598257
Breskens: 51.401805, 3.548694
Pension 't Viskerhoes: 53.300171, 7.032044
Pension Kersten: 53.324927, 6.860613
Bed and Breakfast De Boer: 53.407399, 6.674460
De Energiek: 53.357022, 6.430250
Westerburen: 53.478319, 6.158943
Lauwersoog: 53.410613, 6.198114
Gouden Klok Hotel: 53.369200, 5.898950
Jacobshoeve: 53.272641, 5.601954
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