Hiking Adventure from Tallinn to Lisbon!

After Season

To mark the fact that the peak of the high season was now behind us, we spent one day hiking in complete quietness and solitude along the beach in Słowiński National Park. In the days that followed, between hiking days 109 and 121, we felt much more relaxed. Maybe it was because the movement at the beach towns started to calm down, because we got the hang of hiking at the Polish coastline, because our physical condition had improved, because of the nice weather – or a combination of all of them.

It is hard to describe all the different things that we see, hear, discover and experience during a hiking day. We can’t convey neither the chirping of the birds, the happiness of spotting a deer, the feeling of serenity at the sea, the silence and majesty of the forests, the joy of meeting different people on our way and stopping for a nice chat; nor the slight panic when any part of the body begins to hurt, the heavy feet at the end of a hiking day, the monotony of walking on a long stretch for hours on end. All of those things and infinitely more are part of our trip. So what we’ll do in this post, is to provide you with a bit of background and let the pictures speak for themselves, to take you with us on the hike during two weeks from Łeba to Trzebiatów and give you a feel of summer at the Polish coast.

Moving dunes in the Słowiński National Park

12km of beautiful beach all for ourselves

When we thought we were almost there, we discovered the Czolpinska Dune. Walking up and down on the soft sand was not easy, but its beauty made up for the extra effort! At the end, a cool forest path awaited us.

From then on, the landscape around us changed continuously: Forests, fields, lakes, and beaches

A super friendly family who stopped us for a long chat

We don’t walk the Camino de Santiago, but it keeps following us

The coastal town of Ustka

After seeing them from a distance for so long, we finally got close to a wind turbine!

Beautiful Wicko lake, near Łącko

A brave fellow hiker, walking at the Polish coast all the way to Hel

Lighthouse in Jarosławiec

Walking on a narrow strip between Kopań Lake and the Baltic Sea

Time for a rest day in Darłowo

Bukowo Lake

Relaxation after hiking 25km at a pace of 5km/hour!

Gąski lighthouse night and day

Runway for planes…

… and parallel to it one for hikers

In Kołobrzeg, we found a summary of tourism at the Polish coast: The upside down house and souvenir shops, ice cream and waffles, beach and a lighthouse

It was great meeting this Polish/French couple who explained us so much about Polish history

Arriving in Trzebiatów – where two rest days and the arrival of a very special visitor awaited us!

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Kosciuszki 70: 54.757189, 17.557184
Rybaczowka: 54.702463, 17.246621
Molenda: 54.636761, 17.017368
Przystan Wodnica: 54.557590, 16.872813
Grazyny: 54.518660, 16.607330
Gosciniec Darlowo: 54.419914, 16.409757
Pensjonacik Zibi: 54.307968, 16.197985
Lazur: 54.241987, 15.878470
Villa Medusa: 54.183442, 15.568993
Bogdanka: 54.145997, 15.303003
Kamienica: 54.063192, 15.266970

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Updated on 11/06/2016 – ARRIVED IN LISBON!