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Bye-bye Baltic Sea

The boat trip with Swanje and Loreley on our rest weekend included a very short stop in Wismar, a charming hanseatic town, boasting some impressive examples of Brick Gothic architecture. In the following hiking days, we visited Wismar two more times; once for lodging and the second time hiking through. A few days later, we had to say goodbye to the Baltic Sea, our steady companion for five months. When we crossed the river Trave in Travemünde, we had also left the region once separated by the Iron Curtain from Western Europe. To relieve the sadness of leaving the Baltic Sea behind, we could enjoy a rest day in the proud city of Lübeck, the queen of all hanseatic towns.

Our first hiking day after the break ended in a town where we couldn’t find any kind of accommodation, as much as we asked around. We took a train to Wismar, where we could stay in a friendly B&B and have a stroll in the historic town centre. On the next day, we reached Wismar again, this time on foot, and had time for a bit more sightseeing:

ADSC07466 ADSC07469 ADSC07472 ADSC07496 ADSC07505 ADSC07505a ADSC07506

Between days 144 and 147 of our hike, we had the pleasure of seeing the Baltic Sea from different perspectives – closeby at the beach or high above from beautiful cliffs. Here some impressions of our hike on those days:

DSC07461 DSC07475 DSC07480 DSC07487 DSC07528 DSC07529 DSC07538 DSC07542 DSC07550 DSC07559 DSC07563

When we left the county of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and entered Schleswig-Holstein, all that reminded of the once insurmountable border between East and West Germany was this stone. Good that times have changed!

Our last glimpse of the Baltic Sea was soon followed by the sights of historic sailing boats on the river Trave and the narrow alleys of the old town of Travemünde.

DSC07571 DSC07576 DSC07585 DSC07587 DSC07588

From day 148 onwards until leaving Germany, our trail was going always inland. Finally, we could also follow consistent waymarking again, as several long-distance paths were on our route. We still had our share of water scenery, as we were passing rivers and lakes. These pictures, taken on a single day of hiking from Travemünde to Lübeck, are proof that there is a lot to see along the way:

DSC07594 DSC07597 DSC07601 DSC07608 DSC07609 DSC07633 DSC07638 DSC07641 DSC07644 DSC07649 DSC07653

A bit more tired than expected – a supposedly easy and short hike turned out to be quite long and strenuous – we arrived in Lübeck. In this lively town with rich history, we enjoyed nice weather and impressive sights on day 149, relaxing on our well-deserved rest day.

DSC07660 DSC07665 DSC07669 DSC07682 DSC07689 DSC07693 DSC07696 DSC07698 DSC07701 DSC07705 DSC07707

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Fairmietung: 53.893974, 11.468928
Haffidyll Hotel: 54.103465, 11.614641
Neuburg: 53.942418, 11.596413
Zierow Rieterhof: 53.929528, 11.371917
Glander: 53.989036, 11.200041
Ferry Priwall: 53.954995, 10.871035
Travemünde: 53.955772, 10.867478
Lili Marleen: 53.956959, 10.862527
Tunnel Shuttle Bus: 53.904386, 10.777949
Herreninsel: 53.898817, 10.765585
Meike: 53.876233, 10.676982

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