Hiking Adventure from Tallinn to Lisbon!

France in Short


Days: 69 (11 rest days, plus 5 days in Berlin)
Km: 1,398

Paid accommodation: 61 nights
Free accommodation: 8 nights

Best food: Formule Midi (three-course meal at lunch)
Best drink: Bordeaux Wine

Favorite word: Randonnée
Favorite place: Bretagne
France in one word: Food

France was without a doubt the most challenging part of the hike. Not only does it have the longest coastline of all countries of the E9, there are also so many bays, estuaries, and peninsulas, that the distance would have been double as long, had we strictly followed the coast. Given that situation and the fact that the E9 was barely marked, we changed plans and started following the St. James Way. What we lost in Ocean views, was more than compensated by the people we met on the way. Many nights were spent in the home of French families, learning about their life, and talking (in French!) about our hiking adventure. Needless to say that in gastronomic terms, hiking in France is a real pleasure. By the end of our time in France, milder Spring weather allowed us to keep our rain gear mostly in the backpack.

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12 crossed countries
319 hiking days
89 resting days

Updated on 11/06/2016 – ARRIVED IN LISBON!