Hiking Adventure from Tallinn to Lisbon!

Kaliningrad in short


Days: 5 (2 hiking days)
Km: 42

Paid accommodation: 2 nights
Free accommodation: 3 nights

Best food: Samsa (Uzbek snack, freshly made at the beach promenade in Zelenogradsk)
Best drink: Kvass 

Favorite word: za znakomstva
Favorite place: Kant Island
Kaliningrad in one word: Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad was a positive surprise for us. We enjoyed the nature, the people, city life – and well, Summer was back which also helped. We were very fortunate to stay with an amazing couple for some days, who did everything to show us around, support us and help us understand a bit of the complexity of this region. It is not the best place for hikers, since there is no infrastructure for pedestrians outside of the urban areas. People are very helpful, but very few speak English and being able to read Russian makes orientation a bit easier.
This didn’t spoil our experience and we are very happy we included Kaliningrad in our route!

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Bus Station Nidos: 55.304167, 21.007297
Rybachy: 55.159573, 20.842236
Fliegerhause: 55.010991, 20.617733
Baltijskaâ Korona Hotel: 54.962561, 20.481284
Train Station Zelenogradsk: 54.958527, 20.472765
Train Station Kaliningrad Severny: 54.721720, 20.500617
Sergej and Olga: 54.678000, 20.522833
Bus Station Kaliningradskij Avtovokzal: 54.693439, 20.502398
Bus Station Braniewo: 54.380944, 19.840980

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12 crossed countries
319 hiking days
89 resting days

Updated on 11/06/2016 – ARRIVED IN LISBON!