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Poland in short


Days: 45 (11 rest days)
Km: 684

Paid accommodation: 41 nights
Free accommodation: 4 nights

Best food: pierogi
Best drink: homemade liquor

Favorite word: cześć
Favorite place: Moving Dunes close to Leba
Poland in one word: High season

Ah, Poland! Endless fields, an extremely lively coast and historical towns – often hiding the beautiful façades behind stalls and shops announcing ice cream and waffles, fast food, souvenirs and beach wear. We spent a month and half in the country, coinciding with the summer holidays. This meant sunny weather, beach breaks and good camping conditions; but also overcrowded beaches, masses of people in the coastal towns and high prices. In Gdansk, where we spent a lot of time, the streets were buzzing with tourists due to the annual St. Dominic’s Fair.

We enjoyed hiking on proper hiking trails, even if they sometimes lead us far away from the coastline. We saw a lot of deer and other animals in the woods, amazing dunes at the beach and along our way found all the fruit summer has to offer: Cherries, straw-, blue-, rasp- and blackberries. More than in any country before, we had fantastic encounters with people on the trails: Hikers doing the Polish coastline in the opposite direction, cyclists on their way to Hel, people on a day trip stopping for a long chat with us.
We were fortunate to spend some days with José’s workmates Piotr and Piotr, who visited their hometowns just when we were in the region. José’s brother Jorge flew in especially from Portugal to spend a long summer weekend with us.

In Gdansk, José found a doctor who could treat the pain in his foot. This problem was replaced temporarily by blisters caused by the new hiking shoes and insoles, but soon he was as good as new and hiking distances of 25 km was becoming more and more routine. Our last week in Poland had a première: Moiken’s mum Regine was brave enough to join us for 100 km of hiking!

We crossed the border to Germany on September 4 filled with good memories of an amazing time. Diękuję i do widzenia Polska!

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4 Responses to Poland in short

  1. hallo ihr beiden, wie ich sehe, seid ihr noch an deutschlands küste unterwegs, die sonne strahlt ja herrlich dafür die tage, ich bin mittlerweile gut zuhause angekommen und vermisse die schöne gegend um barhöft – mit dem weg nach barth einer der schönsten teile auf meinem kleinen abschnitt – ich wünsche euch eine gute reise weiterhin und warme unterkünfte, keine blasen und viel sonne!
    herzliche grüße

    • Hallo liebe Katja!
      Schön, dass du dich meldest. Ja, es war wirklich eine speziell schöne Ecke. In ein paar Tagen werden wir die Ostsee – nach 5 Monaten! – verlassen. Wir hoffen, dass es uns an der Nordsee genauso gut geht.
      Liebe Grüße

  2. Amazing, can’t believe you are already in Germany! You are moving fast, but most of all, you look happier than ever on the pics. – not that you looked unhappy in Zürich, but still 🙂 Very glad you follow your dream and enjoy your trip that much. You can be proud of you. Greetings from rainy Switzerland.

    • Hello Christel!
      We are happy you are following our adventure. Indeed, time flies and we can hardly believe that we are already that far.
      Greetings to you and your boys!

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