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Real Pilgrims?

Just when we started to settle into the life of hiking on the Way of St. James, we had to face the question: Are you real pilgrims? Which brought us to the question: What ARE real pilgrims?
We often stayed at the home of families who host pilgrims for the night, offering a dinner together, a cosy bed and warm shower, and breakfast the next morning. The pilgrims offer stories of their adventures and a small contribution in the end. When we shared our story, the reaction was either: “Wow, that’s a long pilgrimage!” or: “So you did not really intend to go on a pilgrimage to Santiago?” That made us think a bit, as we had chosen the Way of St. James mainly for practical reasons. But so do a lot of pilgrims – because it’s well signposted, there is no lack of accommodation, and you easily find company. However, it is impossible not to be touched by the history of this network of walking paths, followed for many centuries by the most diverse people for the most different reasons. It offers time for introspection and reflection and the special spirit of the way, which can be found in signs along the way, but first and foremost in the people one meets, enhances this process.

Our wonderful hosts:

DSC07483  DSC07504  DSC07519  DSC07624 DSC07625  DSC07668  DSC07707

We crossed two départements, Vendée and Charente-Maritime, in 14 days (days 314 to 327) – and did not take a single rest day! The reason for that haste was that José’s brother would arrive to join us and we wanted to spend a rest day with him and friends and family in Rochefort. Jorge was not the only visitor in France; our friend Anne-Marie was back for two more hiking days, together with her husband Jimmy! The day they left was the day we returned to the coast. As beautiful as the landscape in the countryside has been, nothing compares to being close to the sea.

There have been so many impressions on this part of the way, that we will leave you with the images rather than torturing you with long descriptions.

Clisson, last stronghold of Brittany, and the beginning of the Vendée part of the way:

DSC07354 DSC07357 DSC07417 DSC07424 DSC07427 - Copy DSC07432 DSC07433 DSC07437 DSC07447

Hiking in Vendée:

DSC07450 DSC07455 DSC07456 DSC07471   DSC07477   DSC07488   DSC07492   DSC07511   DSC07521   DSC07527   DSC07535   DSC07539   DSC07552   DSC07564   DSC07571   DSC07599   DSC07607   DSC07608   DSC07616   DSC07621   DSC07629   DSC07630


DSC07644 DSC07647 DSC07654 DSC07658 DSC07659 DSC07667 DSC07669 DSC07672 DSC07675 DSC07679 DSC07698 DSC07700 DSC07705 DSC07712 DSC07717 DSC07728 DSC07743 DSC07749

We picked up our friends at the train station of Rochefort before a looong hiking day. The ferry bridge which we were supposed to take to reach the other side was still closed, forcing us to walk 5 km more and cross a busy car bridge. It was pitch dark when we finally reached our destination and could enjoy a well-deserved dinner together!
The next day was a bit easier and had a nice surprise: Passing by a house with the symbol of the Way of St. James, we were invited inside by the family and were offered coffee and biscuits.

DSC07766 DSC07775 DSC07791 DSC07793 DSC07800 DSC07806 DSC07809 DSC07813 DSC07815 DSC07819 DSC07827 DSC07841 DSC07843 DSC07845 DSC07845a DSC07846

We boarded the ferry in Royan, which not only took us to the next département, Gironde, but also to the beach! At first, we followed the official way, a long straight line in the middle of pine trees. But the desire to be close to the sea was so strong that we soon changed to walking on the beach, which turned out to be a good walking experience. After 14 days without a break, we arrived in Montalivet, from where we traveled back to Rochefort to meet José’s brother and aunt.

DSC07854 DSC07860 DSC07862 DSC07880 DSC07884 DSC07886 DSC07888 DSC07898 DSC07903 DSC07910 DSC07913 DSC07916 DSC07925 DSC07927 DSC07931 DSC07938 DSC07941 DSC07942 DSC07947

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  1. Da kommen wieder die Erinnerungen.. war eine schöne Zeit die wir mit euch auf eurer Wanderschaft verbringen durften

    • Die schönen Erinnerungen teilen wir mit euch! Unglaublich, dass es schon wieder ein Jahr her ist… Liebe Grüsse

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